10 August, 2008

Sieges Even - Playgrounds (Live) [2008]

  • Genre: Progressive Rock
  • Audio Format: mp3 VBR V2, LAME v3.97
  • Included: nfo, sfv, m3u, front cover
  • Playing Time: 01:09:50
  • Size: 88,12 MB
  • Download link(s) in the comments
    [Password: -21grams]


-21grams said...


Anonymous said...


I can't see the complete link
thanks a lot

-21grams said...

I don't know what you mean, I can only guess that you can't copy/paste the rapidshare link.

Unforunately, the URLs cannot be posted in a single line. It is (very) inconvenient and there's nothing I can do about it. This is just how blogspot works.
Any links posted as comments are NOT *clickable* (or so I think)

Give it another try, this time hold your left mouse button while scrolling down selecting all lines.
That should do the trick.

Here's a mirror link:

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup

keithanon said...

Thank You very much! I really love this guy. Such a pitty that they disbanded.

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks -21 grams!
Usually I don't look for live albums but this is one of my favourites bands so...
Simply beautiful.