16 August, 2008

Dave Weiner - Shove the sun aside [2004]

  • Genre: Guitar Virtuoso
  • Audio Format: mp3 VBR V0, Lame v3.98
  • Included: nfo, log, sfv, m3u, Booklet, CD, Tray card
  • Playing Time: 00:32:23
  • Size: 60,93 MB
  • Download link(s) in the comments
    [Password: -21grams]


broken_whammy said...

Many thanks, had not heard of him before. Definitely a force to be reckoned with!

jaffa said...

thanks a lot for all these grams!!!regards, joffe, demons

Anonymous said...

links not working
can you resend it, please?

-21grams said...

Sorry, It's not up to me.

About 3 weeks ago Dave Weiner himself sent me a (very polite considering the circumstances) mail asking me to remove any download links.
I replied explaining my views on the whole file sharing issue pointing out the positive aspects.

This is what he wrote back:
I appreciate your honesty and can understand your points, but there are plenty of sites where examples/clips of the music is given so people can discover and get an idea of what the music is like before they buy.(my website, myspace, etc.) Posting up my work for anyone to take permanently to have doesn’t fly with me. For every one person that buys legally, 1000 download illegally. I have health care to pay, car insurance on a ten year old car, rent, electricity, food etc. Every download takes away my ability to pay my bills. The exposure will come with time. Bills don’t wait.

So, I’m asking you politely to please remove any links you’ve posted anywhere on the internet linking to my work.


Although I still believe downloading does more good than harm, I TOTALLY RESPECT his wish...

You can buy the CD from:
(current price €8,90/$10,90)
(current price $14,50)

Alternatively (and in case the samples available @ Dave Weiner's official site are not good enough for you) try searching somewhere else.

madvav said...

Thanks any case - your blog is great!
Here in Russia i even didn't heard many of this names.
Want to hear Dave - i think it's great guitarplayer, but never heard his own albums, only as Vai's band member. Can't find his music yet.
If someone can send it to me by email - Vechkels@gmail.com

good luck!
many thanks!

BlackThorn said...

Thank you so much for that :) i really love it :)