25 August, 2008

Corin & Edman - Corin & Edman

  • Genre: AOR/Pop
  • Audio Format: mp3 CBR 192 kb/sec, Lame v3.93
  • Included: nfo, sfv, m3u
  • Playing Time: 00:43:12
  • Size: 59,49 MB
  • Download link(s) in the comments
    [Password: -21grams]


-21grams said...

My least favourite Göran Edman album, I honestly think he shouldn't have done it.
Oh, well...

Mirror links:


Anonymous said...

You were right. It's not a very interesting work. I prefere Goran Edman with bands like Glory, street talk, Kharma or Crossfade.
Thank's a lot for your answer .
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I am very glad this cd was posted. Many thanks !!!!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ!! I own this CD and I think this is in the same class as Street Talk or Crossfade. Excellent westcoast AOR. My least favorite Goran Edman projects are the recent ones such as Vindictiv, Jayce Landberg, etc etc etc.... third rate neoclassical metal, yuck!!!

Adrian666 said...

btw, the anonymous post above (27 August 2008 19:39) is from me.... at last I figured how to post unanimously, LOL :)

keep up the great work -21grams, I'm a frequent visitor of your blog.... nice balance between the guitarvaganza and melodicrock :)

Adrian666 said...

-21grams, the front cover of the album is different from the copy I have.... is the tracklisting the same as mine? My CD has a cover of Corin alone, without Edman. The tracks are:

Damage Is Done
Never Again
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Live On Love
Fall From Grace
Keeping You On My Mind
Black Widow
Good Luck Charm
You'll Be Hearing From Me
True Colors

Any difference? I thought the initial version (pre-release, the version they shopped to labels) contains two tracks that later were dropped from the album.

-21grams said...

I already mentioned that in the "Snake Charmer - Backyard boogaloo" post.
It is NOT the final edition, and this is exactly why I refrained from using "Roc de light" as a title.
As for the tracklist issue, 2 tracks were left out. See for yourself:

01. (00:03:53) Good luck charm
02. (00:04:52) Never again
03. (00:04:27) Damage is done
04. (00:03:45) Keeping you on my mind
05. (00:03:56) You'll be hearing from me
06. (00:05:01) True colors
07. (00:04:22) Black widow
08. (00:04:23) Here today gone tomorrow
09. (00:04:29) Ball 'n chain
10. (00:04:03) Live on love

btw, since you own the original "Roc de light" CD, could you rip (preferably VBR V0 or CBR 320 kb/sec) upload it and post the links or am I asking too much? ;)

Adrian666 said...

Damn!!! :) So this is the version I'm looking for. I have to download this one now :) About "Roc de Light", I have it on my PC, 192kbps though (and it's normalized to the maximum volume for my personal enjoyment... some people might find the sound too loud, however). Do you want me to re-rip the CD, or should I go on with the current files? ;) Actually, I have no idea how to upload the album... I haven't signed up to rapidshare, megaupload, etc.... can you recommend which one is the fastest to upload??

Adrian666 said...

-21grams.... ok, I have re-encoded the "Roc de Light" CD... I have two versions on my computer right now... 320kbps CBR (93.4MB) and the highest quality VBR (79.6MB)... which one do you want? ;) I will try ifile.it, looks like it's very easy to upload the file using this server

-21grams said...

(1) Any of these will do; personally, I lean towards the VBR V0 setting using the latest *final* Lame codec (currently v3.98).
It keeps the size lower than CBR 320 kb/sec rips without any noticeable differences in terms of sound quality ;)
btw, did you scan the covers as well?

(2) ifile.it seems like a winner right now; no restrictions of any kind (for the time being that is, one cannot predict the future!) and decent trasnfer speed for both downloading and uploading.
You may want to register though (it's free).
Guest users have a 100MB per file limit while the registered ones can upload files up to 250 MB.
The only disadvantage ifile.it has as a host server, is browser compatibility. It seems uploading through Opera v9.52 is NOT supported.

Thanks for contributing, I (strongly) suggest you register Demon's Eye Forum (lots of *active* members with excellent taste of music)
Incindentally, that's a torrent site - you won't find any direct links topics...

Adrian666 said...

I'm done uploading!!! :) I was reading your shoutbox and it seems that you prefer VBR 0, so I uploaded that version for you. Well, me personally prefer 320 CBR. OK, here is the link:


Oh btw, thanks from From The Inside. I only got the 192kbps version so far, will have to re-download now :)

Adrian666 said...

Oops, forgot to answer your question.... no, I didn't scan the covers, cos I don't have a scanner :(

I'm using Easy CD-DA Extractor version 11.0.0. I had installed a new version (with newer LAME version) but I was completely disappointed.... the encoding speed was soooooo slow due to CRC checking, so I switched back to my old version.

To be honest, I really don't know how to work with Torrent. I've installed the software, but for many times it's impossible to download the albums I wanted (it takes forever!!! 2 days to download 1 album, wtf??). I prefer download from places such as megaupload, rapidshare, ifile, axifile, mediafire, ifolder, etc...

Well, I know you won't enjoy the album, but I hope it will be a worthy addition to your collection :)

-21grams said...

Much obliged.

Regarding torrents (or any other peer2peer file sharing programme):

(most likely) You need to configure your router/modem/firewall accordingly.
There are specific guides for each brand as well as other (useful) information on how to achieve maximum performance @ http://portforward.com

MARCIO said...

Thanks a lot!!!
Which year is this work??

Anonymous said...

Crisis vs. Crisis (1994)
Wintergreen (1998)

Hi "-21grams", I would like to thank you for this post, I'm a big fan of Goran Edman and i was searching this one to listen!
Thank You So Much!!!
Could You Post These Two GLORY ALBUMS ???
I Can't seem to find them anywhere at all!!!
Thank You for Your Concern!!!
...And Thank You For Your Blog!!!
Edman Fan.

Anonymous said...

muy buen album, gracias por el aporte