23 June, 2009

Valentine vs Valensia - V [2002]

  • Genre: Pomp Rock
  • Audio Format: FLAC level 8
  • Included: log, m3u, Booklet, Tray card
  • Playing Time: 00:56:29
  • Size: 404,51 MB
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-21grams said...

Florence Marie strikes again!
I should have posted this 3 weeks ago, she sent me the download link on May 31.
I know, I know, I'm inexcusable...
In any case, in her mail she mentioned "Valentine vs Valensia" is better compared to (their first endeavour) "V";
after listening the album a couple of times I must say I agree.
Nothing more to add, the regular visitors are already familiar with Valensia Clarkson's (and his alter ego, Robby Valentine) work.
As for the rest, I suggest you start with the (really IMPRESSIVE) debut album of his, Valensia - s/t [1993] first.

@ Florence: my apologies for being inconsiderate, it won't happen again.

Record Label: Universal Music Japan
Catalogue Number: UICE-1022
UPC: 4988005302045

01. City lights intro - City lights [4:48]
02. As salam aleikum [4:38]
03. Being different is so cool [3:24]
04. Bombardon [4:49]
05. Turn back time [4:55]
06. Club Bombastic [5:40]
07. V-sualized [4:18]
08. Take me home [4:49]
09. Heading for Avalon [6:27]
10. Valetudinarian [3:53]
11. Since all bitter opal tears (All gone elsewhere) / The Devil makes me smile [3:52]
12. Valet wallet waltz [1:43]
13. Victory [3:13]

FLAC level 8

persevalk said...

Don't knew the band so take first the album of 1993, Well i like it...
very nice and cool rock, THANKS (again)