29 May, 2009

Valensia/Valentine - V1 [1999]

  • Genre: Pomp Rock
  • Audio Format: FLAC level 8
  • Included: log, m3u, Booklet, Tray card
  • Playing Time: 00:46:07
  • Size: 310,90 MB
  • Download link(s) in the comments
    [Password: -21grams]


-21grams said...

Why isn't there any mp3 link posted, you may wonder.
Well, for starters this is NOT my rip!
The person responsible for bringing Valensia/Valentine to you is Florence (a.k.a saacy77), a friend from Demon's Eye Forum.

I believe a proper introduction is in order.
Miss (or is it Mrs?) Florence is French and judging by the *internet signatures/avatars* etc is hooked on Queensrÿche and -evidently- Robby Valentine.
When she's not on an expedition climbing Mont Blanc, she uses (the latest) Exact Audio Copy to rip CDs.
All the better for me - I didn't have to lift a finger :P
So, all credits go to Florence Marie for offering her assistance/contributing.
I think you SHOULD drop a few lines to thank her. No need to overdo it, though:
Singing La Marseillaise¹ is strictly optional LOL

¹ "La Marseillaise" Olympique de Marseille/Stade Vélodrome/Didier Drogba/Djibril Cissé etc :P
it's the French national anthem ("Allons enfants de la Patrie...")

Record Label: Polydor Japan
Catalogue Number: POCP-7394
UPC: 4988005234711

01. Tokyo-KKO [2:25]
02. The bell [3:26]
03. The internet [3:56]
04. And when I see you (Renee mon amour) [2:19]
05. Free [4:07]
06. E-mail baby [1:55]
07. New age woman [3:41]
08. Lion [3:41]
09. All we want is a littlebit love! [4:05]
10. For Holland with love [0:47]
11. I still try [1:47]
12. Love is a riddle [1:04]
13. You you you [2:05]
14. The Mercurian mystery march I [3:05]
15. The waltz of the world [3:25]
16. As the world goes 'round [4:18]

FLAC level 8

Filenames & tags are slightly different than usual. Apart from that, the CD-rip is complete.
The audio extraction log, cue (if you want to burn a 1:1 copy) and artwork are included.
For what it's worth, I ordered a (brand new) copy yesterday.
As soon as the pack arrives (two weeks from now give or take) I'll upload some higher resolution covers scans ;)

hans said...

awesome thx

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persevalk said...

think i'm fan...thanks-in-flac...