22 November, 2009

Important notice: Upgrading


-21grams said...

I decided to gradually *upgrade* (most of) the older posts.
The main reasons are as follows:

1. Maintain some *Quality Standards*
File Format issues:
Due to file-hosting limitations (maximum allowed size), lossless rips (FLAC) were NOT an option.
Moreover, some of the mp3 rips weren't even mine (meaning that at that time I didn't own the respective CDs)
I intend to re-rip in FLAC all those CDs currently available in mp3 (or other lossy compression audio).

Artwork scans:
All uploads PRIOR TO June 2008, lack proper artwork scans. Up to that point I had to rely on whatever was available on relative sites, e.g. Cover-Paradise.to.
Most of the galleries found there were (and still are I guess) sloppy or worse; and on top of that, they didn't always match the specific edition of the CD I had in my collection...
The idea had started growing on me for some time and ultimately I bought the necessary equipment (Canon CanoScan LiDE 90).
From that point onwards, each CD-rip is accompanied with *meticulously scanned AND edited* album cover art.

-21grams said...

2. Simplicity
Split archives
One of my main concerns regarding this blog is to ensure it's trouble-free for EVERY reader, in other words *idiot-proof*.
Perhaps you find the above term a bit harsh (incidentally, it's NOT an insult) or think I'm exaggerating.
Better have a look at this screenshot then:
1½ years old mp3-rip Statistics
HAVE A LOOK I said, it won't hurt you!

Notice anything strange?
The 1st part of the RAR has been downloaded 772 times, 146 more than the 2nd!
(It goes without saying that unless you download both "volumes", you CANNOT extract all the files)
This can't merely be a coincidence; it exceeds the possibility of random mistake.
It means a considerable amount of visitors are UNABLE to put 2 and 2 together.
The only positive aspect is that it only applies to a fraction of uploads, mostly old ones.
In order to make things simpler, (most of) the multi-volume RARs will be replaced by SINGLE archives.
It's bound to take some time to re-upload everything...

File-Hosting Servers:
Over these 3 years I'm running this blog, I've used a variety of such services.
Unless something extraordinary happens, I'm sticking with Megaupload (FLAC rip storage strictly) and Rapidshare/Filefactory/iFile.it (for mp3 rips)
You don't need to be an experienced user to figure out how to get the so-called *download ticket*; The whole process is pretty straight-forward.
Bandwidth limits issues aside, you shouldn't encounter any difficulties.

As expected some have more relaxed restrictions compared to others.
Megaupload for instance, supports pausing/stopping downloads, an extremely handy feature especially when one's connection is slow/unstable etc.
As a general advice, it would be wise to use a Download Manager even if the hosting server doesn't allow resuming downloads.
They provide detailed monitoring, are less susceptible to internet traffic interruptions and -depending on the server used- may accelerate downloading.
(Bear in mind that most -if not all- links can be INTERCEPTED)

-21grams said...

That's about it.

Before closing I'd like to remind you that "appearances can be deceiving".
The blog may seem *inactive* for a certain period of time, but rest assured I DO read EVERY comment/request left on a daily basis.
It's just a matter of priorities.
Speaking of which, here's a rough list of (some of the) Re-rips in FLAC that you should expect;
In alphabetical order:

7for4 (3), Al Di Meola, Angra, Babylon AD, Bob Katsionis, Cobra, Def Leppard, Dreamtide (2),
Eclipse (2), Ed-Alleyne Johnson, Elf, Fair Warning (2), House Of Spirits (2), Hurricane,
Gabriel Yared, Icon (2), Jan Cyrca, Martone, Mechanix, Michael Lee Firkins, Millenium,
Neil Zaza, Paul Gilbert (2), Reingold, Roulette, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Roger Glover,
Snake Charmer, Styx, Synesthesia, Steve Morse (2), Tamas (2), Ten (2), Tesla, The Outlaws,
TMG, UDO, Uli Jon Roth (2)

jjp said...

your generosity is amazing, jjp

Anonymous said...

Thanks Buddy for all your hard work and effort in sharing some great music

Nitderock said...

Your work in this blog is awesome, words can express how great is my gratittude for the music you let us know, thanks.

Vince said...

All you hard work is greatly appreciated. You are THE man!

guitarjeff said...

YES, your effort is GREATLY appreciated, sir!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your blog!
I'm waiting for the DREAMTIDE albums !! very good band
Like you i saw House Of lords in a very small club , it was fabulous
Great band too
If you need help you know where you can find me !

Вячеслав said...

Thanks you for excellent albums in format FLAC.
Good luck to you the friend and more than excellent music!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, i find many band i never heard of before and some that i cant buy on cd, keep up that good work.

madKingdom said...

Oh .. bro!! tnx a lot... you`re so good! NIce work... keep it up!

David said...

Thank you for all your hard work.

brokenwhammy said...

Many thanks for all the hard work!

Nathan said...

I never doubted your motivation for a second. Thanks for all the past and future tunes.

persevalk said...

Keep on flacing my friend

Anonymous said...

FLAC is the way to go. If users can't get the second part, that is their problem. Props for you

Stinky93 said...

I think your reasoning as to why people do not download the second rar file is somewhat off the mark.
My reason 1:
Many times I download the first part, listen to a few songs, then decide that music is not my cup of tea and skip the second rar file.
My reason 2:
They found the link using a search engine, downloaded the file, and didn't have the password to unrar it, so skipped the second rar download.

I find it hard to believe that someone with the knowledge to read your blog, locate the download links, and download the first rar file is unable to comprehend the error code winrar spits out when it asks for the second file.

Keep up the great job. This site is one of my favorites.

Stinky93 said...

This means I'll finally get a FLAC version of Ten - Babylon, one of my favorite cds.

Anonymous said...

Will you let us know when which albums are upgraded, please?

-21grams said...

I've already mentioned them in comment #3 (scroll up a bit and you'll spot them)
There are approximately 50 re-rips that have to be done.
I'll post the first batch on December the 1st.

It includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1. Hurricane - "Over the edge"
2. Hurricane - "Slave to the the thrill" [2008 EU remaster]
3. Impellitteri - "Wicked maiden" [EU edition]
4. Ten - "The Robe"
5. Ten - "Babylon"
6. Ten - "Ten"
7. Ten - "In the name of the rose"
8. Ten - "Far beyond the world"

More than half have already been uploaded. Some are new additions, I don't want to post 10 (or more) re-rips consecutively; I'll try to keep an even ratio...

Stinky93 said...

I think what he was asking was will there be a new notification or will the original post ten pages ago be updated with new information.
It was my question also. Looks like you just answered it to my satisfaction.
Thanks for putting Ten forward in your queue by the way. Awesome job you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Visit all the time from chicago-

I can't thank you enough, especially on those days when cash is low and really needing something new to listen to!

Please know how much your efforts are appreciated!

Zdenko said...

thank you from Croatia

gfv said...

Hi, are there any download managers for Megaupload, if you are a free user?

Jetrell69 said...

Google is your friend people. It isn't that difficult to do a little homework on your own. The internet is ripe with "how-to's" and such on everything from download managers to squid flavored ice cream....please, help out by helping yourself out a bit. By doing so you allow uploaders to do what they do best.....share great music with you without putting a monetary price tag on it.

HUGE THANKS for your blog....found it by accident...check it every week.

What you do IS appreciated.