09 September, 2008

Cinderella - Live at the Key Club [1999]

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Audio Format: mp3 CBR 320 kb/sec, Lame v3.97
  • Included: nfo, sfv, m3u, Booklet, Tray card
  • Playing Time: 01:10:04
  • Size: 161,26 MB
  • Download link(s) in the comments
    [Password: -21grams]


-21grams said...

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-21grams said...

A token of appreciation for a friend who has given me legal advice on how to deal with my ISP;
He just happens to be a devoted Cinderella fan and I don't think he had this live recording in his collection.
Well, not up to now ;)

This DOES NOT mean my line is working again!
The good news is that I was just informed the technician will FINALLY do me the honour to check the damn thing this Friday.
That's 2 weeks after reporting it.
About BLOODY time!
(keeping fingers crossed etc)

Hats off to whoever leaves their wireless router/modem unlocked 24/7.
I won't abuse it - scout's honour :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this.

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universechild said...

Φοβερη δουλεια!!!
Ελπιζω να συνεχιστει!!Φιλια πολλα!

Anonymous said...

Dank ya wel....

Anonymous said...

Thanks a LOT, buddy!!!!!!!!!